The easy way to clean baseboards

Baseboards are often ignored, and they’re sometimes the last areas of the home that are cleaned, but they’re noticed more than people realize. Dusty, grimy, hair-covered baseboards stand out, and even if the floors are vacuumed, the dishes are done, and everything is in its place, dirty baseboards make a home look less than clean.

Sponge Mop Method

I don’t use a sponge mop to clean my linoleum floors, but I use one to clean my painted baseboards. A sponge mop and a bucket of soap and warm water is really all it takes to clean dirty painted trim. Without bending and crawling around on the floor, the baseboards will be clean and free from pet hair, dust, and other grime that typically accumulates on the edges of trim.

Sweeper Attachment

Sometimes a broom isn’t enough to remove stuck-on pet hair, dust, and grime. A long-handled sweeper attachment with a soft-bristle brush is ideal for cleaning baseboards and trim if the dust and grime is a little more stubborn, and a crevice tool is especially helpful in corners. Consider buying a sweeper with attachments if you don’t already have them. They’re well worth the investment, especially when baseboards become extremely dirty and dusty.

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